Mother of the Redeemer

beati pauperes spiritu

"Blessed are the poor in spirit..."

bernard      Who are the monks that live in the monastery?

Liturgy of the Hours

6:30 AM Morning Prayer
7:45 AM Mass
12:00PM Midday Prayer
4:30 PM Eucharistic Adoration
5:00 PM Evening Prayer
7:30 PM Night Prayer

6:30 AM Morning Prayer
7:45 AM Mass
12:00PM Midday Prayer
4:30 PM Rosary and Adoration
5:00 PM Evening Prayer

7:15 AM  Morning Prayer
10:00AM Mass
5:00 PM   Vespers and Benediction
                  of Blessed Sacrament     

7:30 PM  Night Prayer

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We are called Olivetan Benedictine Monks. Our Founder, Saint Bernard Tolomei began our branch of the Order of Saint Benedict in the year 1319. The charisms of our Congregation are: Life in community, Devotion to the Passion of Christ, and Devotion to Our Lady.

  The Olivetans wear a white habit in Mary's honor. Having a great admiration for the Benedictine Order, Bernard named his congregation St. Mary of Mount Olivet and placed it under the Rule of St. Benedict.  St. Bernard died while ministering to the victims of the Black Plague in Siena. A Benedictine vocation is one of voluntarily offering oneself to God through the practice of public and private prayer, stability in the monastery and our congregation, a conversion of our life (to live as monks), obedience, humility, work, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

  The silence strongly encouraged in the monastery enables the monk to focus his thoughts and desires on Christ.